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PGG (Platform Game Generator) is a program written in Java, which generates a platform game as it reads a source file generated by the user. The source file is read by the PGG intepreter, and should contain various keywords and values that are accepted by the intepreter (view manual for more information). This is a list of some of the parameters which can be altered;

  • Sprite graphics/Level graphics
  • Screen size
  • Number of screens
  • Time limits/Scoring/Lives/Controlling Keys
  • Music/Sound FX
  • Level Layout - Block/Platforms/Sloped ground
  • Player movement characteristics - ie. Speed, Jump height, Gravity
  • Enemy/Object/Item characteristics - number on each screen,
    how they move

PGG Screenshot (click for demo)
PGG simulating a Mario clone.
PGG is © 2001

Latest Updates

  • Game One is now added to the samples section.
  • An 'attack' function is currently being implimented.
  • Version 2.1 is now avaliable.
  • New testing screen now implimented for next version...
Small PGG screenshot
  • Demo screen no longer on front page.
  • Version 2.0 is now avaliable in the Downloads area.
  • New Page layout.