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PGG is hosted on this site and also on, you might want to download it from there.


PGG version 2.1
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Added : Define sound : Add music and sound fx to your game.
Added : Testing screen by typing 'testing(yes)' in define init.
Added : Player flashes (can't be hit) when new life starts 'flashtime(x)'
Added : Invincibility option : press 'i' when debugging active.
Added : Player can now duck.
Added : optional duck key now can be added to keys statement. ie. keys(lt,rt,ju,du).
Added : titlescreen(image) in define init : Allows is title screen.
Added : duckwhilejump(yes/no) in define init.
Added : Can trigger level change when items are collected : allitems(yes).
Added : PGG restarts when Game Over.
Fixed : Lives display doesn't show -1
Fixed : More helpful error messages.

PGG version 2.0
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Added : Define objects.
Added : Define items.
Added : Define Ending : Can specify when the game should stop.
Added : Define Score : Give items a score value when collected.
Added : PGG now runs as an application.
Added : newlifepause(x) in define init : Delay between loosing life and restarting
Added : timelimit(x) in define init : The time until game ends.
Added : debugging(yes/no) in define init : debugging keys only work when set to 'yes' (default = no)
Added : startscreen(x) in define relations : The Starting screen number.
Added : placeobject(x) in define levels : To use objects within a level.
Added : placeitem(x) in define levels : To use items within a level.
Fixed : Frame speed bug sorted.
Fixed : enemy/item/object movement speeds now accepts decimal values.
Fixed : More helpful error messages.
Fixed : Cannot crash by using debugging key anymore.
Fixed : Continuously loosing a life bug sorted.
Various Graphics
Various player Sprite Graphics